Welcome to the Lords of Brightstone, the Mythic Adventures. This campaign continues off from where we last ended the campaign.

The last scene was the Lords of Brightstone jumping through a portal that would let them escape Vlaakith as a “future” Shadren Windblade comes through a portal with several of the heirs of Brightstone to save them. Shadren sent them all away as he sacrificed himself battling Vlaakith to allow their escape.

Unfortunately, the deaths of so many epic level heroes and villains within her chambers fueled her true ascension. In the end, she gained the powers of a god, enough to start challenging them. Though her powers were now great, she did not yet fully get godhood as she expected though. Nonetheless, her obsession to become a god has now fueled her desire to kill as many other gods as she can to gain her true divine powers.

Now, the remaining Lords of Brightstone, appear back on Faerun. Now, their goal is to prevent Vlaakith from achieving her goal of true godhood by destroying her. But at least that’s what they thought their goal was.

Now, they have discovered that by being saved by their heirs, their reality had changed and the world is not how it is supposed to be. In addition, this has caused an imbalance in the universe causing the elder evils to each start their own process of destroying the world. Now the Lords and Heroes of Brightstone must race against time and save the world, not from 1 threat, but 12.

Lords of Brightstone: The Mythic Adventures